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Who is this guy

Having a huge passion in designing and breathing creative stuff, Matheus romanticizes a world filled with beauty.

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Before time

With 6 years of experience in the field of web and graphic design, Matheus has had the pleasure to work with a lot of big brand names such as, Ford, Nestle, Kinder, and Hilroy.

The Lamp Project

A laser cut, rapid prototyping lamp fixture that's designed to be easily and cost effectively produced. Because every goal of a succesful industrial design is about mass production.
– Objectified

Experience Design

A series of story telling manifestation with uses of visual linguistic expression, metaphors, symbolism and rhetorical dystopian scenarios with a purpose to engage viewers more than a plain straight forwad script. The following videos contain graphic violence, drugs use, dry humour and alcohol abuse. Rated M for mature.

Macket Study

We were given a figurative million dolla dolla all I need budget to propose a figurative makeover of OCAD's front entrance.

Baldwin Steps

Once a privately owned land just below St. Clair Avenue lies the steepest land in downtown city of Toronto. The estate was leased back to city of Toronto in 1984, and the construction of the now iconic landmark of Toronto Baldwin Steps begun in 1987.

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